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The supply of privately-owned, family-backed or well-performing businesses in the United States is grossly outnumbered by the demand for such assets. This dry powder, in combination with the fragmentation of lower middle and middle market buyer types, has caused complications for investment bankers and M&A advisors who sit squarely in the middle of the dealmaking process.

In this white paper, we will summarize the technology and productivity best practices that modern day investment bankers and intermediaries follow as a means of managing this
ever-changing market. We will also examine the ways these tips and tools increase access to the growing volume of players, impact overall efficiency, and promote more thoughtful deal process.


Guide to Selecting Technology for the Front Office


For a Fund Manager deciding on a technology purchase for the Front Office there are many things to consider:

  • Can this process be outsourced rather than managing it in-house?
  • Are existing systems adequate to solve the business need?
  • How do we select the best possible solution?
  • What is the total cost of ownership of a new solution?

These are the topics that we are explored, with a guide for understanding options and selecting a solution.


Overcoming a failed CRM Implementation


We recognize that adopting and rolling out technology can be a difficult process for an organization to undertake.

Many organizations are sold on a vision that software or technology will improve process, save time, and ultimately save money as well. As recently as 2016, it was estimated that more than 50% of IT projects fail. So why is this the case?

This guide will address reasons why CRM implementations fail, and provide 5 steps to help you overcome a past failure, so that you can ultimately achieve success.


The Myth of the End to End System for Fund Managers
Myth of the End to End System - Preview

Fund Managers that are evaluating technology solutions are generally presented with 2 options: an End to End System or a Best of Breed solution.

On the surface, the End to End system looks appealing. For many firms though, surface level is where the appeal stops.

This guide will explore whether the End to End system truly exists by debunking 3 popular misconceptions that End to End providers spread in order to confuse your needs with their products.

Additionally, a checklist for Due Diligence when evaluating an End to End provider is included.


Top 5 Considerations for a Successful CRM Implementation

Top 5 ConsiderationsNow that you’re past the decision-making stage, it’s time to think strategically about getting the most out of the CRM system, and how to make the setup process as smooth as possible for you and your team.

Whether switching systems, or purchasing one for the first time, it’s extremely important that members of your team see that the system has buy-in from the management and executive level. Since this system will be used every single day, it’s critical that management think about existing processes that will change, and to communicate the ways it might affect the team.

This guide can act as a checklist of what to consider when looking to implement a new CRM.