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DealCloud Differentiator: Workflow Management

Most firms have a standard process for managing a live transaction. On the buyside you might need to review a Teaser and CIM, then as a deal progresses prepare a presentation for the Investment Committee, sign a Letter of Intent, etc. On the sell side, you likely need to win a mandate, evaluate buyers, and manage the data room.

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DealCloud Differentiator: One-to-Many Relationships

One-to-Many relationships doesn’t sound that complicated. You send one email to many people, probably daily. It’s not unfair to think that your CRM *should* be able to handle this. Consider this in the context of a deal you’re working on: the Company, Financial Sponsors, Advisors on the buy and sell side, Legal Counsel, Accountants, and depending on the complexity of the deal, many more parties.

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DealCloud Differentiator: DealCloud University

Here at DealCloud we firmly believe in the value our deal management solution provides our clients and are incredibly thoughtful when it comes to enabling them for success. As experts in not only our platform but what the day-to-day looks like for our end users, we are constantly creating resources to meet our clients’ needs.  Every client site is connected to DealCloud University, which is a unique resource library available for all users.

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Pivot Around Your Data… Without Pivot Tables

Have you ever wondered which industries your Northeast deals tend to fall in? What about the most common source of all deals your firm passed on last quarter?

To answer questions like these, most firms enlist an analyst or two to combine a few spreadsheets, build pivot tables, and then translate those tables into charts. We know analysts tend to have wizard-level Excel skills, but even for them, the turnaround on this type of request can often be at least a few hours, if not days.

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DealCloud Differentiator: Search

Searching through large sets of data has become so commonplace online that people often take it for granted. Most people have Google as their default homepage, or a search bar built into their web browser.

Most CRMs are designed to hold a high volume of information: hundreds of deals, thousands of companies, contacts and call records, yet searching across these is a frustrating experience that often time does not yield the result you were looking for.

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HighBank Implements DealCloud

Baltimore, MD (August 1st, 2016) – DealCloud, Inc. (DealCloud) announced that HighBank Advisors LLC (HighBank) has successfully implemented its relationship management and execution platform. HighBank’s team of bankers, located in multiple offices, now manage all facets of their prospecting, industry relationships and deal processes on a single, standardized platform purpose-built for investment banking.