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DealCloud Differentiator – Scheduled Reports

Most firms report on their pipeline, fundraising activity, and market coverage on a regular basis, so the concept of scheduling reports for delivery to your inbox makes sense. For firms that use Excel spreadsheets to manage everything, this might feel like an unattainable dream as the process today usually requires numerous people to update a single file, or to have someone stitch peoples updates together in time for distribution.

Other firms leverage generic CRMs, and those systems don’t make this process easy as seen here and here and here. Work arounds requiring a developer? Sounds unnecessarily  overly complicated.  Extra software to accomplish the most basic output out of the system? Sounds like a bait-and-switch.

Idea Exchange.PNG
The original idea to make scheduled reporting in this generic CRM was posted 8 years ago. The most recent comment experiencing the same problem was posted last month. Link to full post.

DealCloud is different. Since our platform was purpose built and designed for the use of deal and relationship professionals, getting a properly formatted report emailed to you on a schedule, as an attachment, is something easily accomplished.

First, design the report you want using DealCloud’s Microsoft Word add-in, which you can read all about here. These templates can also be used to generate push button tears sheets..

Next, in DealCloud, your newly designed report template is available under Tools > Template Reports where you can schedule it for delivery.

Scheduled Report
Scheduling options in DealCloud for template reports

Options for delivery include individual users, entire groups, with the handy option to exclude someone from the group you selected for when you might want a regional report to go out but exclude the people in the group who are based outside of that region.

Most clients will schedule a pipeline report to be sent out Monday at 8am so that everyone at the “Monday Morning Meeting” will have the latest info automatically out of DealCloud.

So what do these reports look like? That’s completely up to you as they are designed with your reporting needs in mind using DealCloud’s Word Add-In. You do have the option of deciding if you want the report emailed to you in Word or PDF for easy to read attachments in the format of your preference.

Document Format.PNG
Document format options for scheduled reports in DealCloud.
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DealCloud Differentiator – Push Button Tear sheets

Most firms have consistent reporting formats that need to be generated on an agreed upon schedule, like weekly or monthly. Great examples of this are a firm’s pipeline report, fund raising status, or a client facing buyers list report.

For most firms, generating these reports means putting together an excel spreadsheet and spending time to properly sort and format the report every time it needs to be created. Why Excel? What other options do you really have?

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DealCloud Differentiator – De-Duplication

“Garbage in, garbage out” is a saying used to describe the need to ensure clean data goes into a system so that clean data can be reported out. It even has its own wikipedia page.

The reality though is that its hard to ensure that everything going into a CRM is clean, especially when potentially dozens of people are adding data to it regularly.  Things like adding contacts and companies often leads to having duplicate records, which adds to data sprawl and difficulty in reporting fully or accurately.

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DealCloud Differentiator: Microsoft Word Platform Extension

Lots of systems give you the ability to export to Excel, including DealCloud which can handle Excel reporting in ways many CRMs can’t.

There are times though where Excel just won’t cut it for what you are trying to report on. Rows and Columns are great, but not for when you need to create something that incorporates specific formatting, logos, or anything else Microsoft Word handles well.

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DealCloud Differentiator: Excel Integration

Excel is so ingrained in the daily process of the private capital markets, it would be nearly impossible to replace it as the workhorse for analysis and reporting. Many CRM systems offer the ability to export data seen on screen to Excel, but with 3 important caveats:

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DealCloud Differentiator – Dashboards

dashboards are cool.png
Google Image search for Dashboards shows how popular Dashboards are.

Dashboards – probably the most popular buzzword used by software companies to describe how simple and easy to consume data is from their platform. What’s not to like? Dashboards can roll up vital information, they can surface information you might not be aware of, and they look cool.

The problem with Dashboards in most generic CRM systems is they are incredibly limiting in what you can display. Some quick examples from widely used generic CRM: