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DealCloud adds 200th New Client of 2018

Earlier this week, DealCloud was honored to add its 200th new client of 2018. The milestone was reached on October 29th, 5 months after adding 2018’s 100th client on May 30th.  Year to date, DealCloud has experienced a 40% growth in new clients added (by count) versus the full year 2017.

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CB Insights recognizes DealCloud as innovator transforming the Capital Markets

CB Insights 145+ Tech Startups Focused On Transforming Capital Markets In One Market Map recognizes DealCloud as an innovator in Financial Services Software.

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Building a Best Buyer’s List (While Avoiding Deal Landmines)

From the seller’s motivations, to the perceived value of the product/service, to the fate of the employees, to the existence of bad debt – it’s extremely difficult for investment bankers to close any given deal given all the potential landmines. While some twists and turns may be unavoidable, the process of building a buyer’s list should be risk-free.

Over time, investment banking firms acquire a lot of information about buyers, and the clever ones transform that information into data points that are stored in the firm’s CRM software. When it comes time to craft a buyers list, those data points are invaluable. In this article, we explore three best practices for building the most reliable, strongest buyer’s lists.

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Relevance, a Tailored Approach and Best Practices: The DealCloud Difference

Within each industry there are certain complexities that make the tracking and management of data more difficult. In the manufacturing industry, for example, it’s important to track inventory, project statuses, equipment and time sheets. In the real estate industry, on the other hand, connectivity to multiple listing service (MLS) is a must-have. In the world of private equity and investment banking, a completely different set of capabilities is necessary in order to effectively record and leverage data day-to-day.

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The Modern Investment Banker

Modern IB SampleThe supply of privately-owned, family-backed or well-performing businesses in the United States is grossly outnumbered by the demand for such assets. This dry powder, in combination with the fragmentation of lower middle and middle market buyer types, has caused complications for investment bankers and M&A advisors who sit squarely in the middle of the dealmaking process.