Intapp Announces Acquisition of gwabbit

Leading provider of relationship intelligence for professional services firms expands Intapp’s

AI-powered Industry Cloud for Professional & Financial Services

PALO ALTO, Calif. — April 1, 2019 Intapp, a leader in cloud solutions for the global  professional and financial services industry, today announced the acquisition of gwabbit, the market leader in enterprise relationship management (ERM), relationship intelligence and data quality management (DQM) for professional services firms.

This acquisition will expand Intapp’s solution for partners and their supporting marketing and business development teams with AI-based relationship intelligence and automated contact management. Firms can now better leverage their collective professional network and relationship capital to drive business development, internal collaboration and deeper client engagement.

The acquisition also continues Intapp’s mission to create the Industry Cloud for Professional and Financial services. By combining innovative technology with deep sector expertise, Intapp’s end-to-end, client lifecycle platform solves the specialized requirements of professional and financial services verticals like legal, consulting, accounting, investment banking and private capital in a way that has never been available from traditional horizontal technology providers.

“In the professional and financial services industries, a firm’s professional relationships are some of its most valuable assets that are not being sufficiently leveraged,” said Thad Jampol, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Intapp. “By combining the high-quality contact and relationship data from gwabbit with the client and engagement lifecycle data contained in the Intapp platform, our customers will be able to leapfrog their peers in data-driven business development and collaboration.”

gwabbit’s AI-based contact and relationship intelligence technology automates contact creation and maintenance, ensuring up to a market-leading 98 percent contact accuracy. gwabbit’s unmatched relationship intelligence algorithms evaluate interactions between firm employees, prospects, clients and other third parties to build a detailed picture of who knows whom and the strength of those relationships.

“Traditional CRM technology and data models often fail in professional services because their underlying platforms were originally intended for other industries with supply chains and sales forces,” said Todd Miller, CEO of gwabbit. “Professional services are fundamentally different and require a different approach in order to succeed. I am excited about Intapp’s vision, combining their industry platform with passive contact and relationship data that is purpose-built for partners and their marketing and business development professionals.”

About gwabbit
gwabbit is the world’s leading provider of automated email contact and relationship intelligence solutions for professional solutions. gwabbit automatically manages contact and relationship data, ensuring the highest level of accuracy, and leverages this data for Enterprise Relationship Management and enhanced CRM content. For more information, visit

About Intapp
Intapp provides the first and only Professional and Financial Services Industry Cloud to help firms shift to a modernization strategy and gain a growth edge in today’s competitive marketplace. Over 1,500 customers globally, including 96 of the Global 100 law firms, five of the top eight global accounting firms, and more than 600 capital markets and financial advisory firms, rely on us. We offer intelligent solutions – purpose-built for partner-led firms – spanning the entire client lifecycle, from strategy through origination and execution. Intapp is backed by Temasek and Great Hill Partners. For more information, visit

About DealCloud
DealCloud, an Intapp company, provides a single-source deal, relationship, and fund management platform to enable over 600 clients to power their deal-making process from strategy to origination to execution. We offer fully configurable solutions purpose-built for the complex relationships and structures of private equity and growth capital firms, investment banks, private and publicly traded companies, debt capital providers, and other investors. For more information, visit

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The Impact of Purpose-Built Technology Platforms on Capital Markets Professionals

Throughout my life, I’ve always gotten really excited about the latest and greatest technologies. I remember thinking floppy disks were revolutionary. Now, neither my kids nor the junior analysts in my office even know what a floppy disk is, never mind the value it provided at the time.

It’s no secret that technological advances have made a huge impact on the way we work. In fact, a recent study by The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) found that 90% of people agree that the key skills required by the workforce of the future will be increasingly relationship-based and technology-enabled.

For many private equity, investment banking, investor relations, and fundraising professionals that I speak to, the relationship aspect of their job is easy – and the technology-enabled aspect is the challenge. No matter how hard they try, there seems to always be a gap between their expectations for the technology solution and reality. From where I sit, that gap is caused as they try to force and stretch generic technologies to do things it simply wasn’t built to do. 

In an industry as convoluted as private equity or investment banking, internal technology solutions need to be purpose-built and easily configured to meet the unique needs of your firm. Not having that flexibility can prove costly in terms of both time and resources.

In this article, we examine the four key benefits of leveraging purpose-built technology and why it’s important to seek out companies that have made it their mission to tackle your challenges.

Be more competitive

Given the increasingly crowded field of capital market participants, firms need to leverage technologies that help them track their unique KPIs and long-held relationships. Without a purpose-built technology to help you do that, firms are left guessing which initiatives helped them win deals and which wasted time and money.

Certain closely-held relationships cannot be disrupted, but given the vast pool of players in the market, purpose-built technologies are pivotal in ensuring that important contacts get the attention they need. Best-in-class firms also use these technology platforms to catalog historic data about portfolio companies and management teams and leverage predictive analytics to assemble call lists. The competitive advantage of these initiatives is undeniable. It simply provides more shots on goal, and leads to fewer failed deals.

Attract and retain talent

The future leadership of your firm are members of Generations Y and Z. They grew up in a connected, collaborative world, and expect to spend their days working with market-leading technologies that help them innovate and drive value.

It’s important that firm leadership invest in the technologies that were built with the day-to-day activities of all team members – from Analysts to Partners – in mind. Not doing so will leave employees unengaged, less invested in the long-term goals of the organization, and more likely to leave in search of a better, more tech-enabled environment.

Operate more efficiently

Purpose-built technology helps capital markets professionals make better use of their time through automation and configuration. Formalizing your investor relations practices? Let your technology tell you which LPs need attention. Just increased your headcount? Create a dashboard so that you can view the day-to-day activities of each of your team members. Want to spur new portfolio company growth? Allow the technology to alert you to new bolt-on opportunities or market movements by competitors.

With hundreds of business development activities occurring in a given month, even small and boutique firms need to move their data out of Excel spreadsheets and Outlook emails, and into a purpose-built technology platform. No matter the size of the team, the firm needs the ability to export complex reports with multiple data sets in order to share it with colleagues, portfolio companies, partners, investors, and others. Without this capability, the firm will spend exorbitant amounts of time searching through files and pouring information into custom, underdeveloped reports.

Manage risk

Given all of the technology solutions available in 2019, how can you rationalize the potential risks associated with storing all client interactions, client preferences, commitments, etc. in an Excel sheet or generic system? The obvious risks of data loss and manipulation is enough to keep most investors and bankers up at night, and the reputational risk is high, too. 

If your firm is searching for technologies that will help your team stay competitive and compliant, then it needs to find one that can solve for both. 


The financial services industry has come a long way since the days of the floppy disk. There are a great many technological advances to be admired in the past several decades, but purpose-built technologies are uniquely suited to provide capital markets professionals with the support they need. When leveraged properly, purpose-built technologies enable private equity, investment banking, investor relations, fundraising, and corporate development professionals to get the job done right.

It’s time for capital markets professionals to accept the complexities of the industry and choose to leverage only those technologies that are squarely focused on helping move the needle.

DealCloud and Preqin Announce Integration of Preqin Data into DealCloud DataCortex

The integration of Preqin’s alternative assets data into DealCloud’s DataCortex product will allow clients to identify and enrich investor data and manage fundraising more effectively.

New York, NY | February 20, 2019: DealCloud – a global technology leader for CRM and deal management in the capital markets – and alternative assets data provider Preqin announce today a partnership to integrate Preqin’s data with DealCloud’s DataCortex product.

“We believe that modern-day dealmakers, fund managers, and investor relations professionals deserve to have all of their outsourced data accessible in the same hub as their proprietary data. They simply need a unified deal management, fundraising, and data management platform in order to be competitive in today’s market,” says Amit Lalwani, SVP of Global Business Development at DealCloud. “This integration comes in response to our clients’ reliance on Preqin’s market-leading data, and we’re excited about the increased leverage they’ll get from the platform as a result of the partnership.”

Through the integration, clients of both DealCloud and Preqin can leverage real-time data such as investor allocations, fund performance, deal making activity and direct contact information all in one, centralized platform that is accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

“Preqin is responding to the call for technological advances in both fundraising and deal management, enabling our clients to efficiently raise record-breaking funds,” said Ayo Akindele, Global Head of Channels at Preqin. “Having access to the best data and intelligence means our clients can realize their market potential by saving time and other costs related to information gathering. DealCloud is at the forefront of this fast-paced innovation, and we’re pleased to be able to deliver this seamless integration to enable our clients to realize even greater efficiency in their daily activities. With an increasing number of organisations relying on both DealCloud’s technology and Preqin’s data, it is paramount that they are able to access industry-wide insights along with their own proprietary data all in one place.”

Over 600 principal investing firms, investment banks, and operating companies rely on DealCloud’s solutions for storage of proprietary data, deal sourcing, origination and deal management.

About Preqin

Preqin is the home of alternative assets, providing industry-leading intelligence on the market and cutting-edge tools to support participants at every stage of the investment cycle. More than 60,000 industry participants in over 90 countries rely on Preqin as their indispensable source of data, solutions and insights. To find out more about its indispensable data, solutions and insights, please visit

About DealCloud

DealCloud, an Intapp company, provides a single-source deal, relationship, and fund management platform to enable over 600 clients to power their deal-making process from strategy to origination to execution. We offer fully configurable solutions purpose-built for the complex relationships and structures of private equity and growth capital firms, investment banks, private and publicly traded companies, debt capital providers, and other investors. For more information, visit