Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all software and hardware packages. As operating processes grow more complex and software solutions more specialized, firms working to stay ahead of the curve are building custom ecosystems of web-based tools to handle their business needs.These ecosystems require strong communication between software solutions to be maximally effective. Otherwise, data gets siloed in a single application and operational efficiencies between departments and their programs go unrealized.

Chart example in DealCloud

DealCloud is built not only to participate in a firm-wide software ecosystem, but to lead one. Its robust API and configuration flexibility allow DealCloud to accommodate data from all sorts of different digital sources, helping you create comprehensive records for contacts and companies you know that can be easily accessed by employees without a technical background.

The ability to configure DealCloud according to your firm’s specific needs means that data from almost any source can be piped into the platform. With DealCloud’s API, it’s not only easy to pull data out of DealCloud, but it’s just as easy to push new records in and make updates to existing ones.

When organizing their operations around software solutions, many firms will build a “data warehouse” to centralize the information from each source into a single place. While data warehouses are necessary for maintaining data consistency, they typically require SQL knowledge and a database portal on your computer to query. That puts serious barriers between your employees and knowledge they could use to improve their work.

Instead of asking employees to learn a coding language, DealCloud clients can point the DealCloud API at their data warehouse and use it to populate their sites. Once in DealCloud, data can be queried using the robust reporting and graphing tools in the platform. It makes gaining cross-functional insight into clients, prospects, deals, etc. accessible to all members of your firm, helping to spread business insight and ensure better firm-wide decision making.

Before subscribing to your next piece of software, consider how the information it provides will be used alongside the other data you already track. DealCloud makes it easy to report on information across business functions and departments. If you don’t have an effective way to share insights from various software solutions throughout your firm, give us a ring – we can help with that.

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