Searching through large sets of data has become so commonplace online that people often take it for granted. Most people have Google as their default homepage, or a search bar built into their web browser.

Most CRMs are designed to hold a high volume of information: hundreds of deals, thousands of companies, contacts and call records, yet searching across these is a frustrating experience that often time does not yield the result you were looking for.

I invite you to test this theory out: if you are a user of a CRM product, try seariching fr I invite you to test this theory out: if you are a user of a CRM product, try searching for something and see what the results are. Did it get you to the desired result? Were you able to type just part of a word and find a result? Did it offer type ahead search functionality? If the answer to any of these was no, you are not alone:

Search about Generic CRM search

DealCloud is Different.

Being able to access, visualize and search your data is just as important as being able to store it. This lack of ability in finding your data is one of the major roadblocks in adoption, and why most CRM implementations fail. Rebecca Knightfor the Harvard Business Review put it best, when selecting technology “bear your team’s interests in mind. Functionality is critical, but so is user-friendliness.” (Convincing Skeptical Employees to Adopt New Technology, March 19, 2015). Search is so ingrained in the web browser experience, it’s the bedrock of user-friendliness.

Search is available right from your phone

DealCloud offers a unified search bar at the top of every page in the web portal, which is also available in the mobile app. Both allow you to search across all objects, records, with type ahead efficiency, and even in the contents of documents. Typing even a few characters gets you results immediately, and DealCloud’s flexible setup allows you to use those results in ways other systems can’t.

Type ahead search quickly finds all relevant results




For example, just typing “hou” presents a series of results, including the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolitan statistical area, which then allows you to see all activity, companies, and deals located in that region.

DealCloud also allows for Full Text Search within documents, which can also be associated with Deals and Contacts. In this example we search5searched for “litigation”, and it returned not only Notes and Tasks that had the keyword in it, but 2 documents where the term appears in the body, rather than the title.

To see DealCloud search in action –

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